Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping at Groove Auto

Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping at Groove Auto 

Any time you have questions about the car buying process, our team is happy to assist you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Groove Auto to ask about our inventory, our finance options, our service center, or anything else. In the meantime, here are a few quick answers to some of the most asked questions.

Our Inventory

Q. What should I look for when test driving a vehicle?

A. We’d recommend keeping a checklist handy, including items such as comfort, utility, and performance. Keep mental notes of anything you like or dislike about the car, including how it feels, how it drives, and even how it sounds. And, don’t hesitate to ask your sales rep any specific questions.

Q. Is there an ideal day to shop for a vehicle?

A. While there are many factors to consider here, including your own budget, we’d say that weekdays are often good times to browse our vehicle inventory, simply because they tend to be a little less busy than weekends.

Q. What are Groove Certified vehicles?

A. These certified pre-owned vehicles are all under 8 years old and have fewer than 80,000 miles. Moreover, they have been meticulously inspected and found to meet the highest standards of excellence.

Service and Parts

Q. What services do you offer in your vehicle service center?

A. We’re proud to offer a full spectrum of services to keep your car functioning at a peak level of performance and safety. This includes all routine maintenance needs, from oil and fluid changes to tire rotations. We can also diagnose any issues with your vehicle, and make repairs using factory-certified parts and skillful technicians.

Q. Do you offer express service?

A. For many routine auto maintenance needs, including oil change and tire rotation, we’re pleased to offer an express service option. Feel free to schedule your express service online, or by calling us directly.


Q. What kinds of finance services do you offer?

A. Our finance team customizes both loan and lease programs, and we’re happy to provide you with financing terms that work for your budget.

Q. How much is my trade-in worth?

A. Our team is happy to offer a full appraisal of your vehicle, but you can also get a more general estimate by using our online trade-in calculator.

Q. What should I bring when I trade in my vehicle?

A. Make sure you bring your vehicle title, auto loan payoff and account information (if you have an auto loan), current vehicle registration, driver’s license, and all keys to the vehicle.

Why Groove Auto?

Q. What sets Groove Auto apart?

A. As you consider why to buy from Groove Auto, we’d point you to our commitment to making the car buying process as clear and as easy as can be. This includes pre-discounted pricing, timely transactions, competitive financing rates, and a no-questions return program.

Q. What is The Clear Way?

A. We believe that purchasing a vehicle should be simple and straightforward. The Clear Way is our program that tells you everything you need to know about purchasing a vehicle, including monthly payments, taxes, even your vehicle trade-in value.